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  1. Conversaciones escritas, 3rd Edition
    Heritage Conversaciones escritas, 3rd Edition 2023 Lectura y redacción en contexto This textbook takes a fresh approach to writing for both second‐language learners and heritage speakers. It draws from best practices in native English language arts composition, second‐language writing, and heritage speaker pedagogy, resulting in a complete program that develops Spanish language proficiency, general academic writing, and knowledge of contemporary social issues.
  2. Repase y escriba, 8th Edition
    Advanced Repase y escriba, 8th Edition 2024

    Repase y escriba, 8e combines comprehensive grammar coverage and ample practice with contemporary readings from a variety of sources, including literature, magazines, and newspapers. Written for advanced grammar and composition or advanced composition and conversation classes, the units are organized by themes that are varied, relevant, and interesting. In this edition, nine chapter themes have been updated to include important public discussions relevant to today’s society.

  3. En tu medio, 2nd Edition
    Intermediate En tu medio, 2nd Edition 2024

    En tu medio, 2e incorporates a communicative approach that emphasizes high-interest, culturally relevant input. Every aspect of this program was designed with the twenty-first-century learner in mind. It features a highly visual format, student-friendly themes, a focus on youth culture, plus authentic short films, blogs, social media, profiles of real people, and readings that help students forge a personal connection to the target culture. 

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